• Mark Dunford

What is the value in having a local Insurance Agent?

Many of my clients have expressed appreciation for having a local agent and a local office of staff to represent them. This happens often during the claims process, but also occurs right after an on your side review and/or after the quoting process. Our clients quickly learn that having a local agent and local agency benefits them in three main ways; Accessibility, dedication to their family, and developed relationships.

Having a local agent and agency allows our clients the opportunity to call us if they need us or have questions. They can email us. They can also meet with us in the office at any time. The main benefit to our clients is that we are accessible to them at a moments notice. What our clients enjoy is being able to speak to the same person they spoke to the last time. It is a major source of frustration for many clients who come to us from other insurance companies who use a call center approach.

We are dedicated to their cause. We have invested time in learning their insurance needs and properly protecting their homes, cars, and life. We know their history and are aware of what their future looks like. We do not use a cookie cutter approach, but rather an individualized approach.

We are not in the transaction business. We are in the relationship building business. We take our time to understand our clients’ needs and get them the coverage they deserve. By getting to know our clients we are able to suggest coverages that we ordinarily may not have been able to. Many of our clients refer us based on the relationships that we have established. They are comfortable referring their family and friends to us.